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Welcome to "Doc Benton's Academy for Mathematical Wizards!" I have been retired for an indeterminate amount of time, and this site, like a freeway in Texas, will be under construction forever. Nonetheless, below is what I have accomplished so far in my quest to create a very brief, 900-page introduction to group theory that either an intelligent high school student or a caveman working for GEICO could benefit from. And as the erroneous perception of linear time goes by, I will clean up and simplify the text as much as possible in order to make everything perfectly clear and unambiguous. Enjoy!

A Child's Garden of Groups

An introduction to the mathematical theory of
groups for young and old!
Subgroups, Cosets and Equivalence Relations! Dihedral Groups, Symmetric Groups, Alternating
Groups, Direct Products, and Semidirect Products!
The Structure of Groups of Order 1 through 10 Visual Representations of Groups Frieze Groups, Wallpaper Groups, and Free
Range Symmetry
Matrix Groups Deep Inside Rubik’s Cube Proving Theorems! Isomorphisms, Homomorphisms, and Theorems

Doc Benton's Journal


The Best of Doc Benton

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General Math

Statistics Business Calculus Advanced Business Math Multivariable Calculus Factoring Examples How to Solve a Cubic Equation How to Solve a Quartic Equation Doc Benton's Video Ranch Math Song Final Talk


Statistics Examples

Statistics and Austerity Economics

Statistics and Gun Laws

Statistics and the Media

Statistics and Biased Studies

Statistics and Reporting

Statistics and Measurement Error

Statistics and Causation

Statistics and Climate Change

Statistics and Graphs

Statistics and Demographic Changes

Statistics and Early Death

Statistics and Biased Interpretations

Statistics and Biased Samples

Statistics and Not So Good Graphs

Sampling Error


Differential Equations

What is a Differential Equation? Separable Differential Equations Exact Differential Equations Integrating Factors Constant Coefficients Springs The Incredible Harmonic Oscillator! Laplace Transforms Doc Benton's Favorite Laplace Transforms Gamma Function